North Atlantic Potash & Rio Tinto Joint Venture Resource Summary

The CanPacific Potash Project is located in the central Saskatchewan Potash district that represents nearly 26% of the world production.

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This overview was prepared by North Atlantic from the results of an extensive program carried out under the direction of RTPM and the 43-101 Compliant Resource Report prepared by M. E. Holter.

The work has defined an Inferred Resource of 1.4 billion tonnes at 31% KCl which, based on solution mining operation, would be sufficient to produce 329 million tonnes KCl to the well head.

Based on a potential annual production rate of 3.0 million tonnes of KCl product, the current resource could support an operation for many years. The critically important downhole ambient temperature averaged 63oC which ranks this deposit one of the highest in Saskatchewan.

The project area is located within the Elk Point Basin in central Saskatchewan, Canada where approximately 14 million tonnes of potash are extracted annually, representing around 26% percent of the world production. It is located approximately 30 kilometers southeast of the city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The project area is within the eight exploration properties jointly held by North Atlantic and RTPM. The resource is defined within the southernmost Lease, KL262 (Figure 2), following a programme of exploration drilling and 3D seismic work.

The mineral tenure is secured as both crown rights and agreements with freehold owners of mineral rights.

CanPacific Potash and partner SNC Lavalin encourage the public to engage and learn about potash mining and exploration in Saskatchewan. Visit our partner website for more information.

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KL262 Drill Locations